27th Annual International Society for Animation Studies Conference

July 13-16, 2015 Hosted by Canterbury Christ Church University


Conference Chair: Dr Chris Pallant

Download Conference Programme: SAS Canterbury 2015 Programme


The 2015 Annual Conference was themed as ‘Beyond the Frame’ and invited participants to consider the following topics when submitted paper proposals:

  • Animation beyond the frame (e.g. animation and live performance, projection mapping, animation installation)
  • Animation: frames of reference (e.g. rethinking/reclaiming animation histories, practice-research, asking (again) what is animation?
  • Animation in other art forms & industries (e.g. theatre, music, science, architecture)
  • Immersive, interactive, experiential animation (e.g. gaming, transmedia, stereoscopy, augmented & virtual reality
  • Critical and theoretical approaches to animation histories or national movements/identities
  • Animation and documentary
  • Animation production (e.g. industrial contexts, auteurial production, the importance of the frame)
  • Animation pedagogy (e.g. theory and practice in curricula, traditional and online learning)
  • Beyond the event (e.g. archiving animation, local/national/international preservation initiatives, the scholarly community – SAS/SCMS-AMSIG)