29th Annual International Society for Animation Studies Conference

3-7 July,  2017 Hosted by Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy)

Conference Chair: Marco Bellano

Download Conference Programme:


The 2017 annual conference theme “… And Yet It Moves!” theme invited delegates to focus on the nature of animation, by suggesting that movement alone is not enough to define this medium, even if movement still retains a crucial importance to animation.  Delegates were asked to consider the following topics:

  • The first main theme is related with the conference title, “… And Yet It Moves!”: a special homage to Galileo Galilei, but also a nod to Movement in Animation. Movement retains a crucial importance for animation, but movement alone is not enough to define this medium. Prospective delegates can approach this issue from any point of view.
  • The second theme celebrates A Century of Full-Length Animated Features: the now lost El apóstol, by Quirino Cristiani, was released in 1917. The focus will then be on the history of full-length animated features, but of course it is not limited to this genre: another recommended area of study is the shift from the “short format” to the “long format”, and its impact on the various languages of animation. The relationship between animation and cinema can also be considered and commented.
  • More celebrative sections will remember the centenaries of two masters of European animation: the Russian Fyodor Khitruk (1917-2012) and the Czech Jiří Brdečka (1917-1982). Contributions on their life, works, context and legacy will be very welcome.
  • Finally, the Conference will include a session on Education to Animation: we will explore the current status, results, training methods and perspectives of animation schools in Italy and worldwide.