Every year the SAS funds smaller events run by members. Upcoming calls for proposals and application details will be available on this page.


The S.A.S. welcomes applications for Event funding at one of two levels:

– Conference seed support – up to a total of $500 to help run a symposium or conference;

– Event Sponsorship – up to a total of $250 to sponsor the symposium or conference.

Events must be held prior to December 2019 and promote Animation Studies. The funding is intended to support symposia or academic gatherings that are perhaps smaller than a full conference, or to provide sponsorship to raise awareness of the society at larger events.

The selection committee will give preference to events that are organized by S.A.S. members or which will include S.A.S. members, and also reserves the right to remain flexible in its disbursement of the total funding, with $500 USD remaining the cap for a single award.

Applications for both the seed funding and the sponsorship should address the following criteria:

– the purpose and scope of the proposed event

– the name of the applicant who serves as the event organizer (including others who will assist you);

– the location of the event and the dates you propose to hold it

– the means by which people will be selected to present or take part;

– how you plan to encourage postgraduate participation;

– the estimated cost of the event and a general budget, including admission fees (if any);

– the relevance of this event to the promotion of animation studies.

Award winners must acknowledge the support of the S.A.S. in all program materials, and must submit a written summary of the event to the S.A.S. newsletter by Spring 2020. S.A.S branding will be supplied by the board.
We will also help publicise your event through our website and social media channels.

The deadline to apply is 14th December 2018 (funds must be spent by December). Applicants must send their request by email, adhering to the above guidelines, to Nichola Dobson at nichola.dobson@gmail.com 

The award recipients will be announced in later January 2019, after review by a selection committee.