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“Best Scholarly Article on Animation”


From the period of December 15, 2015 until February 28, 2016, the Society for Animation Studies is accepting for consideration critical articles dedicated to the study of animation history and/or theory published in 2014 or 2015.


GUIDELINES FOR SUBMISSION: Work must be self-submitted by the author (not publisher), and the author must have active membership in the Society for Animation Studies for the current year, 2016.  Authors should limit submission to a single published article that best represents his/her scholarship during the period of 2014 or 2015. Previously published work must be submitted in one of three digital formats:


• Microsoft Word document (.doc or.docx)

• Rich Text Format (.rtf)

• Acrobat Reader File (.pdf)


Articles published in 2014 or 2015 should be emailed as an attachment to be received between December 15th and before February 28, 2015.

Email to:

Write in Subject Line:

Submission to SAS: Scholarly Article on Animation


Include in the body of your email (but nowhere in your essay) the following information:

1. Bibliographic citation of publication.

2. Note whether or not publication was peer-reviewed.

3. If article was not peer-reviewed: please note if published by editorial invitation, academic institution, and/or an open call for submission.

4. If applicable, please note if the published article was authored as a part of academic studies, the name of your supervising Professor, and your institution.

5. Remember to include all contact information.

6. Please note: the information being requested has no bearing whatsoever on the selection process. At this time, all submissions bear equal weight in the eyes of the selection committee members.



1. Please expunge your name and all authorial identification from every page of the article, and redact identification and imprint of publisher in all headings and footings. While submissions are not considered (fully) blind in this instance given the small community of published scholars in animation, full consideration should be afforded the selection committee for optimal conditions to evaluate submissions equally during the  jury process.

2. On the first page of your essay, please include a header note [in brackets] of word count for article. When an author’s email is received with an attached submission, a confirmation reply will be sent to the author from the Chair of the 2015 selection committee, Dr. Janeann Dill, on behalf of the SAS selection committee.



There are no professional or academic affiliations required for consideration other than the author must be an active member of SAS at the time of submission.

Any and all SAS members are encouraged to submit a published article whether an institutional scholar, an independent scholar, a graduate student or a practicing animator.

The committee will not re-publish or distribute any work received.

The selection committee will choose one essay to receive the SAS award by late May 2016.  Articles published in 2016 are not eligible for this current award but are eligible for the 2017 McLaren-Lambart Award. Questions? Please contact Dr. Janeann Dill, Ph.D., MFA /