Name Institutional Affiliation Areas of Expertise/Interest Languages
Name Institutional Affiliation Areas of Expertise/Interest Languages
Monmouth University 3d animation, animation theory, compositing, puppetry
Maria Susana Garcia Rams Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain Animation pedagogy Spanish and English
Aaron Petten
Aaron Schmidt
Abhishek Kumar
Adriana Navarro Álvarez
Agnieszka Woznicka Rhode Island School of Design
Ai-Ting Chung Japanese Anime Chinese, English
Aiva Udrena
Alan Cholodenko The University of Sydney film theory, animation theory, contemporary French thought English, French
Alan Nguyen Melbourne Polytechnic & QCA, Griffith University Animation, Conflict Resolution, Non-violence, Superheroes Australia
Alba Torrents
Alder Otto Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts history of moving images, animation history, curating festivals, jurys german, english
Alejandro R Gonzalez Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Universidad Nacional de Villa María, Argentina Argentine animation history and aesthetics, animation narrative, experimental animation, animation festivals Spanish, English
Alessia Cecchet
Alex Jukes Edge Hill University 3-D CGI and experimental Animation English
Alexander Sergeant
Alexandre Girard Vermeil Concordia University English, French
Alison Loader Concordia University media history, pre-cinema, digital media, animated art & production English
Álvaro David Hernández Hernández
Alys Scott-Hawkins independent researcher drawing, documentary, archive, practice based research, mental health, the body English, French
Alyssa Mora
Alyssa Myers
Amy Davis University of Hull US Animation History, Disney Studio History, Gender Studies, Hollywood Cinema History, Hollywood Horror (esp. Children's horror) English
Amy Kravitz Rhode Island School of Design Experimental Animation English
Amy Kravitz Rhode Island School of Design Experimental animation, teaching English
Amy Ratelle University of Toronto critical media studies, childrens culture, animality studies, animation studies, posthumanist theory, visual culture English
Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero
Andres Montenegro Department of Visual Communication and Design. College of Visual and Performing Arts. Indiana University-Purdue University. Fort Wayne 3D Computer Animation. Augmented Reality. Immersive Environments English, Spanish and French
Andrew Connor University of Edinburgh sound design for animation, 3D CGI animation, visual music English
Andrew Hagan
Andrew Robards
Andrijana Ruzic animation history, independent animation english, italian, serbian, russian
Andy Buchanan Purdue University Practice based research, Metamorphosis, Time, 3D English
Ann Owen Falmouth University animation history and theory, neuroscientific and psychological approaches English
Annabeth Robinson University of Salford 3D Animation / Virtual Reality English
Antonio Loriguillo-López Universitat Jaume I (Spain) Anime, Japanese animation Spanish, English
Aristofanis Soulikias Concordia University Under camera animation, Architecture
Artur Lozano Méndez
Aurora Taylor
Aylish Wood University of Kent digital media, animation, digital games, gallery installations
Baryon Posadas
Becka Barker
Becky James
Belinda Oldford
Bella Honess Roe University of Surrey Animated documentary; realism in animation; animation spectatorship; ontology of the animated image
Benjamin M De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde 2D Animation (Traditional and Digital) English
Bernhard Schmitt
Bingxin Han
Birgitta Hosea University for the Creative Arts Live animation, expanded animation, experimental drawing, performance and performativity, site specific installation, digital materiality, practice based research, collaborative and process based approaches, research degree supervision English, Swedish, intermediate German, basic French
Bonhomme Bérénice Université Toulouse Jean-Jaures Animation history, techniques, profession and team, French animation French, English
Bronwyn Horne University of the Witwatersrand Animation; Chronophotography South Africa
Carelize Jacobs
Carla Mackinnon
Carmen Hannibal independent researcher animation theory, metaphor studies, continental philosophy, meta-theory, CG/AI aesthetics Danish, English
Caroline Ruddell Brunel University Animation theory, Japanese animation
Cassie Soliday
Catherine Lester University of Warwick horror, children's horror, gothic, disney, gender, girlhood, stop-motion English
Catia Peres IADE, Creative University Animation, Japanese Animation, Hayao Miyazaki, Design English, Portuguese, French
Charalambos Margaritis
Charles daCosta Queensland University of Technology Animation - Production and History, British Animation, Stop-Motion, Digital Animation, Experimental and Abstract Animation, Storytelling and Narrative, Writing for Animation, Media Studies, Oral History and Tradition, African History, Post-colonial Theory Akan, Patois, Pidgin, English
Charles Kenny animation history, western theatrical animation, televisual programming, Irish animation, animation development and production, content accessibility, the growth of animation as an artform
Chelsea Sowden
Chen Cong
Cheryl Briggs (formerly Cabrera) University of Central Florida computer animation, animation production, CGI, rigging, stop motion English
Chevonnese Chevers Whyte
Chris Bowman University of Technology Sydney animation theory, history, aesthetics, visual language, narrative design: abstract / experimental animation, installation, expanded cinema, locative and situated media
Chris Carter Queensland University of Technology 3D Computer Graphics
Chris Pallant Canterbury Christ Church University, UK animation history, American animation, digital animation, Disney, interactive animation, Pixar, video game animation English
Chris Sagovac Webster University Experimental and Character Animation English
Chrissy Guest Women in Animation, Animation History English
Christine Veras University of Texas at Dallas Animated Installations, Optical Toys, Stop-motion English, French, Portuguese
Christopher Holliday Kings College London contemporary U.S. animation, Disney/Pixar, animation history and theory, computer-animated films English
Christopher Leinonen Animation Principles, Experimental Animation, Flash/Toon Boom English
ChristY Jeffcoat
Cole Armitage
Cole Delaney
Cristina Formenti Università degli Studi di Milano animated documentary English, Italian
Daisy Yan Du Hong Kong University of Science and Technology CHINESE ANIMATION ENGLISH, CHINESE, JAPANESE
Dan Castro
Dan Rooney
Dan Torre RMIT University Animation Theory, Australian Animation History
Dana Barnes
Daniel Batchelder Case Western Reserve University music, Disney, musical theater, film musicals United States
Daniel Beckman UCLA political cartoons in Latin America, eclectic art movements, Cold-War culture English, Spanish, German
Daniel Cross
Daniel Marrone
Danny McCabe
David McGowan Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Animation History, Silent Animation, Golden Age Animation, Stardom English
David Perlmutter Television Animation Canada
davide Benvenuti ADM school of art design and Media character animation 2D and 3D Singapore
Dean Bowman
Deborah Cameron University of Technology Sydney Character anaimation and performance. Storyboard English
Deborah Levitt
Deborah Szapiro University of Technology, Sydney Australian Animation, Asian Animation, Indigenous animation, women directors, narrative form across media screens, robotics and animation English
Dennis Tupicoff writing, direction, production, animated documentary, rotoscope, animation + live-action English
Derek Long
Dietmar Meinel University of Duisburg-Essen Aesthetic Theory, Disney Films, Pixar Films English, German
Dirk de Bruyn Deakion university experiemntal animation, australian animation, trauma English, Dutch
Dr. Janeann Dill
Dylan Caskie
Dylan Henderson
Edmond Ernest dit Alban
Edward Gutierrez
Eleanor Mulhearn
Elena Altheman
Eli Boonin-Vail
Eliska Decka FAMU - Film and TV School of Performing Art in Prague Oral history, women and animation, Czech animation, animation and sociology English, Spanish, French
Emine Gokcek
Eric Farrar
Eric Herhuth Tulane University animation theory, Pixar, theories of aesthetics and politics
Erwin Feyersinger University of Tuebingen (Germany) animation aesthetics, narratology, cognitivism, semiotics English, German
Evelyn Hielkema
Faiyaz Jafri English, Dutch
Fatemeh Hosseini-Shakib Tehran Art University Animation theory and aesthetic, puppet/clay animation, Representation and Realism in animation, Medium specificity argument, Iranian Animation Farsi, English
Felipe Silva
Fernanda Resende Serradourada University of Campinas (Brazil) women and animation; experimental animation English, Portuguese
Francis Agnoli
Gary Wilson
Gen Leonardo Ota Otani
Geoffrey Beatty La Salle University animation production English
Giannalberto Bendazzi Animation history English, French
Gill Bliss Loughborough University; UCAFarnham; Falmouth University Animation studies; experimental animation; stop-motion animation; eco and environmental animation; anthropomorphism and animal representation; English
Gonzalo Parrilla Gallego Complutense University of Madrid Ludomusicology English, Spanish, Italian
Grace Han University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill French animation, Japanese animation, visual culture English, Korean, French
Grace Ting
Gray Hodgkinson Massey University Animation education and pedagogy, practice, story-telling theory, Animation in New Zealand English
Gunnar Strom Volda University College animation (history), documentary, music video Scandinavian, English, a little German
Hailu Chen
Hannes Rall Nanyang Technological University Animation history, 2D animation, German animation, Literature and animation, Southeast Asian Animation
Harvey Deneroff animation history (especially labor and economic issues), animation industry, theory English
Heather Holian University of North Carolina, Greensboro interests: Art of Disney/Pixar animation, animation history, collaboration within animation studios, intersection between fine art and animation, Expertise: Italian Renaissance art and Pixar Animation Studios history English, Italian
Heather Knott
Heather Warren-Crow
Helen Brunsdon
Helen McCarthy None Japanese animation and comics English, bad French and a little tourist Japanese
Henry Melki
hugo glover
Ian Friend University of Gloucestershire Animation production pipeline and workflow. English
Ines Jerray Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts of Kairouan (Tunisia) + University of Artois (France) animation in fine arts, sensory experiences, cognition, animism, creative process, body French, Arabic, English, Italian
Inma Carpe The Animation Workshop-VIA University College 2d animation, creative learning, neuroeducation, emotional intelligence, visual literacy, filmmaking, narrative identity English, Spanish, Danish
Iria cabrera balbuena Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral puppet animation, animation history english, french, spanish
Isabella Munyao
Isabelle St-Amand
Iveta Karpathyova OCAD University hand-drawn animation, rotoscoping, visual music English, French, Slovak
J.J. Sedelmaier University of Wisconsin Madison Animation history, TV commercial production English
Jacqueline Ristola Concordia University Anime, film theory, animation theory, rotoscope, Japanese animation, English, Spanish, Japanese
James Pyke
James Walker
James R Caswell Sheridan College Story, Storyboarding, Production, Design English
Jan Yolec Homecillo
Jana Rogoff Humboldt University Berlin Central and Eastern European Animation English, Czech, Russian, German
Jane Batkin University of Lincoln Animation History: Warner Brothers, Disney (emotion and empathy), Fleischer Studios, Experimental Animation (painting on glass: Orlova and Petrov in particular) English
Jane Shadbolt University of Newcastle Stop motion animation
Janeann Dill, phd, mfa IIACI: Institute for Interdisciplinary Art and Creative Intelligence artist and scholar: experimental animation, painting, drawing, media philosophy; history of experimental animation with a focus in critical studies at the intersections of painting, philosophy, and cinema within the history of art; Jules Engel Biographer
Janet Blatter
janice Nadeau
Jason Douglass Yale University Japanese animation
javier moral martin
Jean Detheux abstract/experimental animation, art animation, Visual Music, phenomenology of perception French, English
Jean-Louis Hippolyte Rutgers University (Camden) animation history, French animation, global animation French, English, Spanish
Jemma Gilboy University of Hull United Kingdom
Jennifer (Genia) Boivin
Jeremy Moorshead Anglia Ruskin University Animated storytelling, stop motion, animation history English
Jesse Anderson-Lehman
Jessica Rutherford
Jim Le Fevre
Jimmy Calhoun School of Visual Arts Animation, Visual Effects, Computer Art English
Jinna Lee
Joan Ashworth Seed Fold Films Filmmaking, Stop-Frame, Course Design, Research, Medical/Wellbeing Research, Cgi, Women's Suffrage, Visual Writing, Storytelling English
João Paulo Schlittler Universidade de São Paulo digital animation, Stop-motion animation, Motion Graphics, User Interface Design Animation English, Portuguese
Jodie Wick Norwich University of the Arts Animation Definition, Industrial Classification and data collection on the Animation sector, Infrastructure of Animation Industry
Joe King
Joel McKim
Johara Dutton
John Akre Hamline University Animation history, youth animation, stop motion, early animation English
John Parry
John Summerson
Jonathan Devine
Jordan Gowanlock
Jose Fonseca National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth University Character Animation, 3D Animation, Traditional Animation, Body Expression, Storyboarding, Illustration Portuguese, English
Joseph Fiumara
Josie Keller ASIFA Austria, Edinburgh College of Art, Leeds Beckett University, Kyoto Seika University pioneer puppet trick film, Švankmajer /Trnka /Kawamoto, experimental cinema, animation as projection art, animation for stage, animation as street art, founder & program director of A.B.O.P.event English, German, Dutch, some Japanese, some Italian
Juaina Ahmad Fadzil
Julia Eckel
Julie Brousseau
Justin Rotolo
Kaho Yu School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong Computer Animation, Virtual Reality, 3D Animation, Interactive Cinema, Cinematic VR English, Chinese
Kamila Šedivá Bohá?ková
Kara Andersen Brooklyn College animation genres, American animation, film theory, material culture, digital games
Kara Oropallo
Karen Kriss UNSW Art and Design
Kate Raney
Katerina Athanasopoulou
Kayla Parker University of Plymouth direct animation, artists' moving image, experimental animation, feminism, new materialism English
Kevin Cooley
Kim Khanh Tran
Kirsten Thompson Victoria University animation history, animation and color, Fleischer Bros, Disney & Warner Bros, English
Kristin Dowell
Kristin Marshall
Laura Ivins-Hulley Indiana University stop motion animation, Svankmajer, animated performance, animation reception, surrealism and dada
Laura Montero Anime, Asian Cinemas Spanish, French, English, Japanese
Laurence Arcadias Maryland Institute college of Art, Baltimore 2D animation, stopmotion, French animation English, french
Lea Jacobs University of Wisconsin-Madison animation and music English, French
Lea Vidakovic Nanyang Technological University - Art, Design, Media animated installation, expanded animation, narrative, storytelling, puppet animation, stop motion animation English, Serbian, Hungarian
Leila Honari Griffith University Concept design, animation history, animated installations, drawing, sequential narrativea English, Farsi
Leonora Sharrock
Lilly Husbands Kings College London experimental animation English, French, Swedish
Linda Simensky PBS television animation production, animation history English
Linda Zhang
Lisa Scoggin Music and animation
Livia Monnet
Louise Harvey Griffith University CGI animation, environments, modelling, previsualisation English
Love Asis De La Salle College of Saint Benilde 3D animation, Visual effects for TV, movies and advertising
Lucas Haley Art Institute of Portland Animation and games
Luigi Allemano Concordia University animation theory, music and sound in animation, visual music, improvisation studies English
Lukas Conway
Lukasz Pater
Luke Dubin Independant Scholar animated cartoon characters' dress, anime, television and film, popular culture, animated television shows
M. Javad Khajavi Nanyang Technological University Experimental Animation: Animated Poetry, Animated documentary, Visual Music; New media art: Projection Mapping, VR/AR, Immersive Space, Animation Installation, New Media Art and Islamic Art & Aesthetics; Cross-disciplinary Animation: Data and Information English, Persian (Farsi)
Maarit Kalmakurki Aalto University costume design English, Swedish
Maarten van Gageldonk
Maike Reinerth University of Hamburg/University of Mannheim animation theory, Japanese animation English, French, German
Makiko Nagao Joshibi University of Art and Design animation documentary English, Japanese
Malcolm Cook University of Southampton Silent British Animation, Abstract Animation
Mantas Jurgis Talmantas
Marc Steinberg
Marco Bellano University of Padova, Italy Music for animation Italian, English
Maria Damianou
Maria Katsaridou Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece animation theory, semiotics, narratology English, Greek, Bulgarian, Italian
Maria Lorenzo Hernandez Universitat Politecnica de Valencia Experimental storytelling, artistic techniques in animation, literature adaptations, self-reflectiveness and autoportrait, animation codes and their disruption, erotism & animation. Spanish, English, Cathalan
Marie Pruvost-Delaspre University Sorbonne Nouvelle Japanese animation, animation production and history, techniques French, English, Japanese
Marie-Josee Saint-Pierre Université du Québec à Montréal Animation feminism, producer, scriptwriter, director and animator. French and English
Marika Aakala Arts University Bournemouth Puppet animation English, Finnish, Swedish
Marion Delaronde
Marisa Tontaveetong ASIFA-SOUTH animation festival, stop motion, animated short English, Thai
Mark Collington Arts University Bournemouth Theory-Practice Pedagogy, Interdisciplinary Research in Animation-Architecture & Animation-Biomedical Science English, French
Martha Gorzycki San Francisco State University experimental/documentary & 2D digital animation, installation, new media art, LED billboards, social issue, animated poems english
Martin Rose Emily Carr University of Art & Design Cut-outs, two-dimensional, experimental, digital production English
Martine Barnaby
Matias Poggini Universidad del Cine animation theory, philosophy, fundamentals, animation history, politics, cultural studies, stereoscopic and VR, investigation English, Spanish
Matt Nicholls
Matthew Gidney University of Technology Sydney Animaton Production Technology English
Maureen Furniss California Institute of the Arts, Animation Journal animation history and aesthetics, experimental production, American animation, drawing on film, baby-oriented programming English
Max Hattler School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong experimental animation, visual music, motion design, abstract film, new media art, audiovisual performance English, German
Melanie Hani University of Sunderland Therapeutic and Educational Animation English
Melissa Ferrari
Melissa Gelinas
Melvyn Ternan
Mette Peters Utrecht University / EYE Filmmuseum animation history, Dutch animation, preservation, archives Dutch, English, German
Micah Weber Pacific Northwest College of Art, Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts - Kinetic Imaging Experimental Animation, Animated Documentary, Experimental Documentary English
Michael Fukushima
michael linhart
Michael Meindl
Michael J. Maguire
Michele Leigh Southern Illinois University Carbondale animation history, adult animation, Eastern European Animation English, Russian
Miguel Pires de Matos
Mihaela Mihailova University of Michigan Animation history and theory, digital media, visual effects, Russian and Eastern European animation English, Bulgarian, Russian
Millie Young Mahidol University International College (MUIC) Hand drawn Animation, Thai Animation, 2D Animation in 360, Oral History in Animation English
Miriam Harris
Molinia Anne Velasco De La Salle College of Saint Benilde animation history, philippine animation, multimedia arts Philippines
Monika Salter
Monireh Astani Maynooth University Media Studies, Animation, Adaptation Farsi, English
Mu Zhang
Myria Christophini The Glasgow School of Art | City of Glasgow College animation art practice, animation for peace building Greek, English, German
naima alam
Natalie Woolf
Nea Ehrlich University of Edinburgh animated documentaries, animation theory, contemporary art, theories of subjectivity, identity politics, art and politics
Nichola Dobson University of Edinburgh US television animation, animation genre, history & animation theory, Norman McLaren, television genre, media studies, gender representation
Nicola Stefani University of Florence Italian animation, storyboarding for animation, visual culture, comics and illustration English, Italian, French
Nicolas Trace Cabot
Nina Sabnani Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay Animation Studies, Documentary Animation,Experimental Animation English
Olga Blackledge
Pamela Turner Virginia Commonwealth University animation theory and history, experimental animation, hybrids and extensions of animation English
Paolo Parmiggiani Castello dei Burattini - Museum of puppetry, Parma (Italy) Animation history (puppet theatre, antique and modern automata, moving images, videogames) Italian, English, French
Parissa Mohit English-French
Patrick Astilla
Paul Ward Animation Department, School of Media, Arts University College at Bournemouth, UK animation theory and its relation to practice; British and US animation history; questions of realism in animation; representations of mental states in animation; animated documentary/nonfictional animation
Pavel Trnka
Pedro Serrazina Universidade Lusófona, Lisboa Architecture, Space and animation, Documentary animation, Animation and public space, Expanded animation, drawing Portuguese, Eng, Fr, Spanish
Peggy Southerland Regent University Animation Production English
Peter Chanthanakone University of Iowa 3D animation, Animation pipeline, Virtual collaboration, Outsourcing animation, Online education English, Thai, Lao
Peter Martin
Peter Symons
Philippe Vaucher
Pierre Floquet INP Bordeaux film analysis French, English
Rachel Walls Charles Sturt University Traditional Animation, Editing as Animation, Motion Graphics, Animation History, Japanese Animation English
Raymond Caplin
Rayna Denison
Raz Greenberg Tel Aviv University definition of animation, animation and culture, visual communications, Japanese animation, Hayao Miyazaki, Osamu Tezuka, The Fleischer Brothers Hebrew, English, basic Japanese
Rebecca Stanton
Richard Haynes
Richard Leskosky
Richard Neupert University of Georgia Animation history & narration English, French
Richard Smith
Richard Yarhouse Kendall College of Art and Design Digital 2D animation, Animation History, Sequential Art
robby gilbert
Robert Jones
Robert Musburger University of Houston Animation History English
Robert Szczerba Sheffield College; Nottingham Trent University Animation history, cultural approaches to narrative, technology, creative practice
Romana Turina Arts University Bournemouth Essay Film, screenwriting for animation, Harryhausen, animation in documentary English, Italian, Greek
Ron Barbagallo
Ruth Currey
Ruth Hayes The Evergreen State College animation practice and pedagogy, teaching animation in an interdisciplinary context, nonfiction and experimental animation, precinema animation devices English
Ruth Richards
Ryan English
Ryotaro Mihara SOAS University of London Japanese animation, anime, anime business English and Japanese
Sabine Heller University of Kent women in animation, animation history, production studies, authorship
Sabrina Schmid Teesside University, School of Computing, Institute of Design Culture and the Arts animation education, independend filmmaking, experimental animation, abstract animation, digital animation, fine art, research English
Sally Pearce
Sam Summers University of Sunderland Animation History, Contemporary Animation, DreamWorks Animation, Intertextuality English
Samantha MOORE University of Wolverhampton, Loughborough University animated documentary, digital animation, 2D animation, scripting / ideas generation, pre-production, post-production
Samuel Viñolo-Locubiche U-tad (Centro Universitario de Tecnología y Arte Digital) Spanish and Latin American animation, 3D animation, animation history Spanish, English, German, Catalan
Sandeep Ashwath
Sandra Annett
Sandro Del Rosario St. Mary's College of Maryland Experimental Animation, Animation History English, Italian
Sara Khalili Tehran University of Art Farsi, English, French
Sarah Bowen Northern Film School, Leeds Beckett University Practice-Based Research, Animation, Experimental Film, English
Sarah Kennedy Parr University of Central Lancashire Stop frame animation, script writing, story telling, voice acting, editing,
Seyedeh Somayeh Sadeghi
Shaopeng Chen University of Southampton Chinese animation, Chinese cinema English, Chinese
Shasha Liu
Shira Avni
Shira Segal
Signe Kjær Jensen Linnaeus University children's animation, sound, music, multimodality English, Danish
Simon von Wolkenstein
Sinead Gillett Trinity College Dublin Irish animation English
Sorin Oancea
Stanila Syarova
Steisha Pintado UNC Greensboro Animation history and theory, painting, puppetry, stop-motion, experimental animation English
Stenia Grassetto
Stephane Collignon HEAJ, Namur (Belgium) Animation Hisotry/Theory/Aesthetic, Cartoon (print and animated), Graphic Narration, Transmedia French, English
Steve Weymouth University of New South Wales Australia, Art and Design CGI modelling and animation, virtual reality, character design and movement
Sultan Efe university of Lincoln 3D character rigging, modeling, surfacing and rendering English, Turkish
Susan Smith University of Sunderland Stardom and performance (incl. voice) in animation; the animated film musical; animation and the natural world
Susan Young Royal College of Art drawn animation, animation as a moving art therapy, psychological trauma
Susi Jirkuff
Sylvie Bissonnette
Tania De Leon Yong
TERRY LUCAS Universiti Malaysia Sarawak educational animation, computer animation, dynamic visualization, instructional animation, web design English
Terry Wragg
Tessie Liddell
Teta Tulay De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde | Kalayaan College - Fine Arts Program Experimental animation, Shadowplay English, Filipino
Tim Holleyman
Timo Linsenmaier Staatliche Hochschule fuer Gestaltung Karlsruhe animation history, Soviet, Russian and Eastern European animation English, French, Russian, German
Timothy Jones Robert Morris University Animation education and professional development, Online Learning, Indian Animation, Virtual Reality English
Timothy White Missouri State University American animation, anime English, Bahasa Malaysia
Tina Ohnmacht Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg / University of Tuebingen animation history, animation theory, technology, gender and animation, animation and phenomenology, line production German, English, French
Tom Eaton Kingsborough Community College 2d animation, storytelling, storyboarding, 3D animation, Toon Boom English
Tom Klein Loyola Marymount University Early American and Lantz/Universal studio cartoons
Tom Walsh Animation Department, School of Media, Arts University College at Bournemouth, UK
Tomas Feher
Tony Tarantini Sheridan Institute Animation Production (pre/post production, directing, management), theory/ practice relationships and curriculum design. English, Italian, conversational French
Tze-yue Gigi Hu Dharma Realm Buddhist Association Healing and Spiritual Art Forms, Asian studies-animation, visual and cultural studies English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese
Vanessa Cambier
VASSILIS KROUSTALLIS Ionio University, Greece animation theory, European animation English, Greek
Velislava Gospodinova New Bulgarian University animation history, cut-outs English, Bulgarian
Vicky Smith
Victoria Berndt
vincenzo maselli Sapienza University of Rome stop-motion animation Italian, English
Yeon Choi University of Louisiana Computer Animation English, Korean
Yi Chan Sohng
Yijing Wang
Zach Melzer
Zachary Dethlefs