SIG: Non-human animals in animation



Rebecca Rose Stanton, Northumbria University



The purpose of this special interest group is to create a network of students, researchers, animators, and academics that are interested in depictions of non-human animals in animation. Through this group, SAS members can ask/answer questions, share relevant research/ media/ ideas, and discuss current theories/ academic work/ upcoming projects. Some of the topics discussed amongst members so far have included: Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar, Studio Ghibli, Hanna-Barbera, the Fleischer Studios, Warner Bros. Animation, Cartoon Networks Studios, the uncanny valley, stop motion, gender, anthropomorphism, speciesism, cel animation, CGI, puppetry, metamorphism, hybridism, and voice. It is hoped that as the group grows in numbers, more topics will be added to this ever-expanding and exciting area of discussion. Additionally, the group plans to hold informal discussion sessions at SAS’s annual conference, as well as write regular contributions to the official SAS blog. Anyone, at any level of study or profession, is welcome to join us.



Amy Davis, Hull University

Pamela C O’Brien, Notre Dame of Maryland University

Thomas Lamarre, McGill University

Davide Benvenuti, Nanyang Technological University

Alessia Cecchet, University of California Santa Cruz

David Perlmutter, Independent researcher

Tanya Marriott, Massey University

Matias Poggini, Independent researcher

Alexandre G. Vermeil, Concordia University

Gill Bliss, UCA, Farnham

Tessie Liddel, Griffith Film School, Australia

Josiane Keller, Independent Researcher

Becky James, New School, NYC

Amy Ratelle, University of Toronto

Saiq’a Chowdhury, Freelance illustrator

Myria Christophini, Independent researcher

Millie Young, Mahidol University International College