Kodi Maier (they/them), University of Hull


The LGBT/Queer Animation SIG aims to collate, strengthen and further research on queerness in animation, as well as LGBT+ representation in animation. With the rise of LGBT+ and queer characters in mainstream animation (e.g. Steven Universe, She-Ra: Princess of Power) and the growing scholarship on animation as a queer medium (see Aylish Wood’s chapter, “The Animated Queer”, in Queer Cinema in Europe [2005]), Animation Studies needs a forum to channel the conversations on these and related topics. This SIG provides a forum so that scholars may build off each other and publish work to carry this subfield of Animation Studies forward.


Kodi Maier (they/them), University of Hull

Sofía Félix Poggi (she/her/they/them), Universidad de San Andrés

Steisha Pintado (she/her), University of North Carolina Greensboro

Miriam Harris (she/her), Auckland University of Technology

Linda Simensky (she/her), PBS and University v. of Pennsylvania

Irida Zhonga (she/her), University of Groningen

Jason Cody Douglass (he/him), Yale University & Waseda University

Sandeep Ashwath (he/him), Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Jacqueline Ristola (she/her), Concordia University

Diek Grobler (he/him), Independent Animator/Director

Xavier Héloïse Gorgol Steimetz/x. (they/them), Ecole de Recherche Graphique

Michele Mosena (he/him), Università degli studi di Padova

Catherine Lester (she/her), University of Birmingham

Sam Decoste (they/them), NSCAD University

Sam Gurry (they/them), NYU-LA, California State University

Lilly Husbands (she/her), Middlesex University

Sandra Annett (she/her), Wilfrid Laurier University

Rose Bond (she/her), Pacific Northwest College of Art

Alyssa Garoogian (she/her), Freelance artist/outreach educator

Denise Burge (she/her), University of Cincinnati

Jim Le Fevre (he/him), University of Creative Arts, UK

Linda C Zhang (she/her), University of California, Berkeley

Yvonne Hennessey (she/her), Technological University, Athlone, Ireland

Vincenzo Maselli (he/him), Sapienza University of Rome

Hsiang Chin Moe (she/her), School of Visual Arts, NYC

Gabrielle Dulys (they/them/she/her), Yokohama National University

Christopher Taylor (he/him), Johns Hopkins University

Congbo Zhao (he/him), Independent Animator/Director; JZ Animation Studio

Trent Kim (he/him), University of the West Scotland

Mihaela (Misha) Mihailova (she/her), San Francisco State University

Laurence Arcadias (elle; neutral pronouns), Maryland Institute College of Art

Catherine Slilaty (she/her), Concordia University

Marisa Tontaveetong (she/her), Asifa-South (International Animation Society – South US chapter)

Morgan Podraza (she/her), Ohio State University

Becka Barker (she/they), NSCAD University; York University, Canada

Edmond (Edo) Ernest dit Alban, McGill University

Devlin Grimm (she/her/they/them), Independent Scholar/Senior Recruiter at Sony Pictures Animation

Terry Wragg, Women’s Animation Collective

Augusto Queiroz da Costa (he/him), Universidad do Estado de Santa Catarina

Caitlin Casiello (she/her), Yale University

Melissa Bouwman (she/her), Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences

Kyle Meikle, University of Baltimore

Saiq’a S. Chowdhury (she/her), Parsons School of Design, The New School

Veronika Hanáková (she/her), Charles University Prague

Kate Raney (she/her), Ohio University

Charles Kenny (he/him), Independent Scholar

Rachel Walls (she/her), Charles Sturt University

Maliha Miriam (she/her), Canterbury Christ Church University

Brigitta Hosea (she/her), University for the Creative Arts, UK

Ayanni Cooper (she/her), University of Florida

Nichola Dobson (she/her), University of Edinburgh