SIG: Science, technology and animation



Michael J. Meindl, Radford University



The Science, Technology, and Animation (STA) SIG focuses on the intersections of animation, science, and technology. It aims to serve both practitioners and scholars. The SIG provides a virtual space for communication and helps to develop panels for the annual SAS conference, as well as other events. Topics for discussion and such include, but are not limited to: development of new technologies; historical uses/appropriations of specific technologies or scientific processes; animators as inventors, technicians, scientists, etc.; representation of technology and/or science in animated works; how technologies affect our definition of animation.



Dr. Lienors Torre, Deakin University

Ms. Terry Wragg, Leeds Animation Workshop

Marie Pruvost-Delaspre, Université Paris

Jose Fonseca, Bournemouth University

Maarit Kalmakurki, Aalto University

Dr. Lisa Bode, University of Queensland

Ai-Ting Chung, University of Oregon

Josiane Keller, Independent Artist

Dr.Pamela C. O’Brien, Notre Dame of Maryland University

Aylish Wood, University of Kent

Saiq’a Chowhury, Independent Artist

Nea Ehrlich, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Dr. Robert Musburger, University of Houston,

Inma Carpe, Animated Learning Lab,

Vincenzo Maselli, University of Rome

Dr. Rose Woodcock, Deakin University

Jim Le Fevre, UCA – Farnham

Laura-Beth Cowley, University of the West of England

Janet Blatter, Independent Scholar