Call for Proposals: SAS Conference 2016

School of Art, Design & Media – Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Suggested Topics

The conference invites proposals on a wide range of animation topics for papers (20 minutes presentations) and micro-talks (5 minutes). Topics may include (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • Asian and Western animation history
  • Global animation production and practice, artistic approaches, concepts and techniques in animation
  • Cross-cultural collaboration and adaptation, animation and representation of national identity
  • Animation production (e.g. industrial contexts, auteurial production, practice and process, artistic methodolgy)
  • Transcultural aspects of the animation production process
  • Globalization and animation, artistic fusion concepts
  • Interdisciplinary studies between animation and related fields
  • Integration of theory and practice in animation research
  • Animation and natural sciences
  • Animation and the Gothic, animated fantasy and science fiction
  • Adaptation for animation
  • Animated documentary, animation and journalism
  • Expanding animation-new forms of animation, hybridity of media, convergence of forms
  • Experimental animation and visual music
  • Bridging analog and digital, artistic innovation through new approaches
  • Animation on the web-new animated forms using Internet technologies, micro narratives, animated gifs and ultra short formats
  • Animation and gaming
  • Beyond the event (e.g. archiving animation, local/national/international preservation initiatives, the scholarly community)

All further information on how to submit a proposal is available here: