Invitation for participants

Workshop: Thinking Animation|Thinking Software

11.30-16.30 Monday 18 July 2016

School of Arts, University of Kent

The workshop aims to bring together scholars (established, early career and PhD students) and practitioners interested in researching computer animation and/or using software to create animations. The purpose of the workshop is to explore critical methodologies addressing historical, political and cultural entanglements of computer animation and software. Where much research already exists into computer animation, our aim is to broaden debate by drawing multidisciplinary perspectives (eg. software and games studies) into a dialogue with animation studies.

The intellectual focus of the event will be shaped by a series of questions circulated to participants prior to the event. Our dialogue will be structured as a series of conversations responding to our key questions. All levels of expertise are welcome, from people well versed in computer animation to those open to knowing more.

If you are interested in participating in this multidisciplinary workshop, contact Aylish Wood (

The day event (with refreshments provided) will begin to establish a common ground amongst potentially disparate approaches. We will use this common ground as a platform for developing further events.